Well its easier said than done. Nevertheless, let me tell you, as a former queen of procrastination, I could give you a thousand reasons why i would not get that thing done. I would procrastinate and only get it done at the last minute, or sometimes i might not even get it done at all.

But as i learnjust-do-it-1432951_960_720ed better organisational skills, i discovered thinking about doing something takes as much,  if not more, energy than doing it.

So, this year I was pondering about my new year’s resolution and I  just told myself this year I need to do everything I have always wanted to do. What is that project you have been trying to put in place, but every time you have are a reason not to do it? It’s better to try and fail, than never try it at all, and who knows, it might just be the right thing to do.

Wake up and Just do it!!!!


Stay tuned



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