Can outsiders see Christ in you?

My meditation this morning, kept me reflecting all day and I could not hold myself I just had to write this little article. I read from the book of Acts 4, but I was marveled  by verse 13.
  “ Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were  astonished.and they  recognized that they had been with Jesus”

Here is something to make me contemplate. Can outsiders or better yet friends and family see Christ in me?Are  you  kind and loving or are you cantankerous? Multitudes gathered to follow Christ everywhere He went…. Are people willing to spend time around me? Do they seek you out for counsel, opinions or advice?
Are there things you need to work on in your actions and attitudes to allow others to get closer to you and see the love you have for Jesus or are you  pushing people away with your self- centered attitude, sharp tongue, hateful actions or coldness? Are you that individual who is so concerned about your personal spiritual life and cares less about others around you?
It’s funny to say this but honestly some claim to be Christians, they read great books, pray, leave a holy life, very picky about what TV show they watch, do all that is required as a Christian, that is great!! but they have no love or show no love to their surroundings. It’s all about them and nothing for others. If Christianity could be summarized in two words it’s Love( loving God by doing what he wants us to do and an overflow of God’s love in us will extend to others) and Honor.
How then do you do all this things when you can’t even show love to those around you? It’s simple you cannot give what you don’t have. God’s love is compassionate so should be our love. There is no way you would love God and be less concerned about those around you.
Hmmm..quite a lot to meditate about today.

One of my favorite testimonies is the one Jerry Savelle tells of the time he was in a shopping mall with his wife Carolyn. He was sauntering from one store to another, casually passing time until Carolyn finished her shopping.
A woman walked up to Jerry and said, “Will you pray for me?” Since he didn’t know the woman, he was puzzled. “Out of all the people in that mall, how was it that she’d picked him out?” he asked. She said, “The Lord told me to come to this mall and someone would be here who could pray for me. I came here looking for that person. I noticed a beam of light. It would go into one store, wander around, then go to another store and wander around some more. I followed the light until I found where it was coming from–and it was coming from you!” What was that light? The glory of God! It was shining from Jerry much like it shone from the face of Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai. And that radiant presence of God brought healing to that woman when Jerry prayed.
Just as the fact that Peter and John had been with Jesus was unmistakable, so was the fact that Jerry Savelle had been with Jesus when that lady walked up to him in the mall. We would properly want to spend time with God so that it becomes unmistakable when people look at us. They will automatically know we have been with Jesus or better still see the light in us .Matthew 5:16 says

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”
When you spend time with Jesus, it will be irrefutable. His glory and His power will be reflected in you to the world. And His presence upon you will meet needs everywhere you go. Take time to be with Jesus today, in this presence we have fullness of joy and our character and minds are renewed.



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